Web Maintenance Services

After you go live, the focus shifts to longevity.

Web maintenance services to unburden your business.

We understand that you have a business to run. And the last thing you need to fall by the wayside is the upkeep of your website and online presence. It’s important to carry out regular web maintenance because that is what helps your business website stay fresh. Our web maintenance services are a less expensive alternative to hiring an employee, or delegating the task to someone on staff. In most cases, the web maintenance solution is a simple approach that allows you to occasionally pass your new content to us and we will handle the updating process. Our, from time to time, we can address the web maintenance needs by developing content with your specific instructions.

What our web maintenance services includes:

  • Publish or post new content that you provide.
  • Routine software updates and platform version releases.
  • Basic SEO updates with content that you provide.
  • Channel monitoring for malware and spam.
  • Resolve emergency issues in the event of hacker attacks.
  • Maintain online store content such as products, pricing, descriptions, etc.
  • Locating stock content such as images or video. (additional purchase fees may apply.)
  • Post and optimize new media (images, video, etc.) that you provide.
  • Proof and make minor type or grammar revisions to provided content.
  • Create new e-mail addresses / accounts.
  • Manage site backup processes for recovery purposes.
  • Monitor and minimum maintenance of Google Analytics & Webmaster Tools.
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Our web maintenance works hard for your business.

It is important that we maintain an upfront and honest relationship with all of our customers for the certain success of their business. So it is never our intention to misrepresent the services we offer, or what certain services include. The internet can be a large mixture of uncertainty for many businesses. For that reason, we aim to streamline our services so that your get exactly what you’re expecting and paying for. That said, there are a select few items that we cannot offer as part of our web maintenance services, but do offer separately.

These services are not part of our web maintenance:

  • A complete re-design of your website or major design characteristics.
  • Installation of new web themes or domain infrastructure maintenance.
  • Logo design. (visit our logo design page for this service.)
  • Installation of advanced or extended plug-in’s and/or third-party components.
  • Advanced SEO setup and/or services not already established. (visit our SEO services page for more info.)
  • Enhancements to the CSS or core template structure to alter the web design and/or theme.
  • Any other services not listed (but we encourage you to contact us if you are uncertain).

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” – Maya Angelou

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Web Maintenance Services

Our website maintenance services support your business.


$ 375

5 Hours Monthly
  • Single Domain
  • Basic Website
  • No online store
  • No AdWords
  • No social media
  • Reduced cost with annual retainer
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MediumMost Popular

$ 750

10 Hours Monthly
  • Single Domain
  • Mid-Size Website
  • Simple online store (less than 25 products or services for sale)
  • No AdWords
  • Small social media network
  • Reduced cost with annual retainer
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$ 1500

20 Hours Monthly
  • Single Domain
  • Full Size Website
  • Medium online store (less than 100 products or services for sale)
  • Basic AdWords support
  • Medium size social media network
  • Reduced cost with annual retainer
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$ 3000

40 Hours Monthly
  • Single Domain
  • Large Website
  • Full online store (more than 100 products or services for sale)
  • Broad AdWords support
  • Large social media network
  • Reduced cost with annual retainer
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