Event Branding

The Race Of Gentlemen is a visit to the days of old, and so is the event branding. The Oilers Car Club / MC brings this invitation only race featuring a collection of pre-war (1920’s and 30’s) cars and motorcycles. The approach was to create a vintage and all ages appropriate experience. Through the development and evolution of many various out reach initiatives such as social media, shopping and ticketing, an accessible brand has been firing on all cylinders. The passion has become a driver with an old time feel that has a deep fan base.

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Building A Timeless Legend

The Race Of Gentlemen was the developed from a vision and passion for the experience. With little to go on, the branding and adaptation of style had to reflect on the stylized modern take of an era that was nearly forgotten. With an intent to maintain a timeless expectation, a concept emerged that stays true to its living roots. Planning respected a consistent and timeless ideal. The inclusion of aw-inspired content brings a living accentuation to the physical experience of being at the race.

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Ready. Set. GO!

The Race Of Gentlemen, like many of its faithful, is always in motion. That is, always moving but never out of reach. So the responsive design was critical to put accessibility at the fingertips of followers on mobile devices, tablets and, of course, desktop computers. With SEO & analytics, strong traction delivers a flow of new interest, existing fans and those who seek local to stay connected at all times.

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