Online Marketing Makeover: Refresh The Face Of Your Business

If your work or job requires spending time on a computer and the internet, then you are more likely take notice when brands execute an online marketing makeover. For example, did you recognize when Google changed it’s logo in September 2015 for the first time since 1999? So you see, whether it’s a big change or something simple, reinventing or refreshing the online face of your business identity can offer a variety of benefits.

Sometimes, the same school of thinking applies to a gesture of modernization or bringing your website ‘current’. In doing so, you open yourself up to a wide range of potentially resonating online contact points to reconnect with old customers. That may be the ice breaker to re-engage with these dormant clients and inform them about new services, products or solutions (and also let them know you have a new website).

On a smaller scale, a simple update to your social media marketing may to strengthen your branding consistency across several platforms. This can create a highly effective visual connection to your brand, product, service or website. Such a small gesture, when routinely kept up on, will suffice as a reasonable talking point to return to clients with news, or it may just be an organic trigger to a silent customer who is thinking about their next project.

At this point, you’re probably asking yourself several questions… How do I know if I need an online marketing makeover? With or without a budget, either scenario seems costly or time consuming. So how do I know what to give attention (and a budget) to? With so much already on my plate, how will I be able to maintain another responsibility such as this seemingly ‘heavy lifting’ task? These are all very good questions, and we have several solutions to offer you as advise.

We believe that all things in an online marketing setting are connected, from your website to your social media platform(s). Our team believes, strongly, in this concept and we understand how important online marketing can be to large companies and small businesses.

We can put you on the path to online marketing success, by:

  • Providing a free evaluation of your current website
  • Prioritizing the stages of an online marketing makeover for your business
  • Developing simple, consistent, content and imagery to create branding identity
  • Managing the brand reputation directly, or developing an editorial calendar for your internal use
  • Establishing quarterly, or annual, milestones to always keep your brand & image fresh and modern

By maintaining the brand & image of your business, you afford yourself regular and routine opportunity to engage with your clients or customers. In parallel,  having a firm social media strategy and continually updating your online presence is essential, but so is managing your online reputation. Your business shouldn’t hedge a bet on your future, or ever be content, with simply maintaining the ‘status quo’. In this day and age of online marketing, you have to think here today, gone tomorrow, so make sure you are doing everything you can to show up every day.

Contact Quiver Creative today to get your free website consultation, find out how your online marketing can be improved upon and what you can do to always remain front of mind with your clients and customers!




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