Editorial Calendar

Do you dread creating an editorial calendar? Does your social media strategy include content acquisition? Do you have a plan in place for your daily posts or are you flying by the seat of your pants? Don’t allow yourself to fall victim to this social media faux pas!

QC-EditorialCalCreating an editorial calendar can be a daunting, time-consuming and a nearly impossible endeavor at times. But putting off the task all together could actually extend the negative impact on your business if you don’t put a plan in place, or worse, avoid the responsibility all together. The negative impact this may have on your business could cost you eye-balls, followers, likes and even the potential lost opportunity to convert an interested person on social media into a real world client.

It’s true, sharing relevant content for your brand shouldn’t consume your entire day. After all, you have customers, guests and clients that need your attention. So spending a little time to prepare content for social media outlets ahead of time, or getting the support from a reliable expert, could prove to be very rewarding. With more free time to tend to clients and customers, while the overwhelming task of social media in any of today’s markets, will prove to be a very rewarding investment, especially at your bottom-line.

So do you wish you had help, or support, to develop exciting, attractive and engaging content? If you wish you had help constructing an editorial calendar, crafting content, and even scheduling posts to your social media channels, your wish just came true! Quiver Creative offers a full scope of social media support that can be paired with effective email marketing strategies for a constant presence in front of your social media followers, existing clients and potential customers.

Contact Quiver Creative today and let us solve your social media monotony once and for all.




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