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Our creative inspiration is often drawn from our clients, so we aim return the favor through creative inspiration. The creative process, when in full-swing, is an exciting cycle of developing to reach a common goal driven by different perspectives. This diversity is what constantly feeds the exciting world of creative inspiration and is the core of our purpose. With that in mind, we hope our blog motivates!

2017 Strategic Business Marketing Calendar Planner - From Quiver Creative

2017 : Marketing Calendar & Strategic Business Planning

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2017 Strategic Marketing Calendar

A Marketing Calendar For Business Planning From Quiver Creative


As 2017 is getting underway, the clock is already ticking on your strategic marketing calendar execution. If you have not done any pre-planning for your 2017 business marketing, now is the time to make some marketing calendar decisions. Don’t be late to 2017 with a slow start to push your business ahead of the new year.

When it comes to strategic marketing, a good practice or habit to adopt is setting milestones that your business can plan marketing around. If there’s an event or Federal Holiday that relates to or jives with your business, start thinking about a relevant marketing approach that will tie it all together. Although there are many fruitful benefits to riding the wave of Federal Holiday’s, it’s more than just associating a sale or a promotion with a Federal Holiday. What about preparing for that chance of a mid-winter or spring lull like the one that may have happened last year?

As an old saying goes that we’ve all heard a few times, ‘there’s always a reason to party.’ For reasons in a similar school of thought, we believe this also applies (metaphorically) to business marketing strategy. Large companies may need a little more support from executive management but it’s an attainable strategy to forge in a new year. In the smaller to mid-size or local markets, the unpredictable peaks and valley’s are important to recognize in advance so you can make strategic marketing calendar plans in advance of slower times.

Here are a few tips to consider for the upcoming business marketing calendar year:

  • Do your best to plan marketing initiatives and events at least a few weeks in advance. Avoid last minute spontaneity.
  • Be sure to drive traffic to your website as a means of support or to educate your target audience about your marketing event.
  • Make a point to trickle out specific details daily. Push content through social media to stay front of mind.
  • Keep the design of your marketing event consistent so your audience recognizes the promotion or event in print or online.
  • Be prepared for a spike in interest or traffic as your marketing initiative is happening in real time.

Now that we have covered the basics, we invite you to enjoy our 2017 Marketing Calendar. If you would like to get your hands on our 2017 Marketing Calendar, we are giving it away for FREE!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the 2017 Marketing Calendar NOW!

Looking for someone to help you with your strategic marketing plans? Contact us today for a complimentary strategic marketing consultation for your business! Let’s work together to make this year a great one for all of your business goals!

SEO & Optimization Services - Digital Marketing - Quiver Creative - Monmouth, New Jersey

Digital Marketing : A Core Business Strategy

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Digital Marketing : A Core Business Strategy

By Quiver Creative


Digital Marketing Overview - Quiver Creative - Monmouth County, New Jersey
We have some digital marketing experience when it comes to identifying what works, or doesn’t work, for many businesses. You see when we take an objective look at any business, especially with respect to their online activity and web presence, it’s like peeling back the layers of an onion. It might look good on the surface, but then the inevitable trend reveals itself. Many times, a business gets so caught up in the hustle to be ‘open for business’ that there is a neglect for the value of digital marketing.

Digital marketing, includes your website, your social media, online advertising strategies, SEO, email marketing and more. Every touch-point is another opportunity to engage with your target audience and capture new clients. If new clients is of no interest, then you need not read any further. But if attracting the right type of clients from your target audience has appeal to you for the growth and success of your business, then these elements to gain an edge on your competition should get just as much attention as anything else. Because without clients, it becomes very hard for businesses to succeed.

We believe very strongly that a website is an investment and a very valuable business asset. Any digital marketing you carry out online should help to drive traffic back to your website and your business. that’s because a website is the heart of your online existence. Facebook should be treated as a compliment, just like Instagram or any other social media platform, to give you an additional reach. Your social media should connect with your audience and drive them to your website. The benefit of social media is highly rewarding when you use it effectively to introduce events, create short-term pop-up offers, make special announcements or other various in the moment engagements. This compliment to a website helps increase web traffic, and can sometimes improve search rankings when effectively tied to your website. Everything should flow to and through your website. While your website connects you socially, it also connects you to search engine. Is your business properly listed on Google Business so when your business is searched you show up as you want to be seen with the correct information? Do you appear how you want to be seen on Yelp, FourSquare or other social platforms? These are the critical compliments that we believe start with an effective website to make sure your digital marketing efforts have a strong foundation.

Now, the effort of digital marketing doesn’t end with social media and a website. We briefly mentioned search engines, which is driven by SEO or search engine optimization. This is another amenity to the digital marketing effort of your online business. With well thought-out SEO integrated into your website, your business will gain exposure. Over time, with the complimentary keywords and relevant copy-writing, your business can have a better opportunity to gain favorable organic search ranking results. In addition, AdWords and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) campaigns offer another layer of opportunity if you are willing to make the investment into increasing your place on search engine results pages (SERP).

Last but not least, we believe that a valuable core component to a digital marketing strategy is email marketing. Consider this, you build an audience and have established a nice base of clients. By now, you may have prospects and clients who are interested in being informed. So collecting sign ups that are maintained in a database which you can correspond with, becomes another valuable business asset.  With a database of contacts, clients and prospects you can can reach out to them with offers, updates and any other incentive to attract them back to the business. Maybe it’s a seasonal promotion. Maybe you have a new product or service. Or maybe there’s an upcoming event or a special invitation to an exclusive party. Whatever the case, there is a logical approach to using email marketing as a tool to regularly engage and speak to your audience. This is just another compliment to the entire idea of successful digital marketing.

Here’s what we can do for you to help you start developing your digital marketing strategy:

  • Provide a free consultation to review your current online presence
  • Identify any beneficial actions that could improve your website
  • Advise you on your search engine optimization ranking and if you could make any improvements
  • Design an email marketing strategy to gain subscribers and how to communicate regularly with your audience
  • Establish a quarterly, bi-annual or annual, digital marketing relationship to ensure continual and strategic growth

By establishing and maintaining a digital marketing routine, you are going to continue to expand your target audience base, which will also help to grow your client volume. There are never any guarantees, but proven methods over inactivity afford any business a much better chance for continual growth and success. Without any digital marketing strategy, you take a big risk and everything relies on chance. Don’t let your business rely on being found like looking for a needle in a haystack. Give yourself, and your business, the best opportunity to gain an advantage and an edge on your competition before they beat you to the punch.

Contact Us today to get your NO-OBLIGATION FREE CONSULTATION. We’ll evaluate your website, review your social media platforms, give you some advise on SEO and explain what you email marketing can do to help you grow your database and customer list for additional reach!
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