2017 Strategic Marketing Calendar

A Marketing Calendar For Business Planning From Quiver Creative


As 2017 is getting underway, the clock is already ticking on your strategic marketing calendar execution. If you have not done any pre-planning for your 2017 business marketing, now is the time to make some marketing calendar decisions. Don’t be late to 2017 with a slow start to push your business ahead of the new year.

When it comes to strategic marketing, a good practice or habit to adopt is setting milestones that your business can plan marketing around. If there’s an event or Federal Holiday that relates to or jives with your business, start thinking about a relevant marketing approach that will tie it all together. Although there are many fruitful benefits to riding the wave of Federal Holiday’s, it’s more than just associating a sale or a promotion with a Federal Holiday. What about preparing for that chance of a mid-winter or spring lull like the one that may have happened last year?

As an old saying goes that we’ve all heard a few times, ‘there’s always a reason to party.’ For reasons in a similar school of thought, we believe this also applies (metaphorically) to business marketing strategy. Large companies may need a little more support from executive management but it’s an attainable strategy to forge in a new year. In the smaller to mid-size or local markets, the unpredictable peaks and valley’s are important to recognize in advance so you can make strategic marketing calendar plans in advance of slower times.

Here are a few tips to consider for the upcoming business marketing calendar year:

  • Do your best to plan marketing initiatives and events at least a few weeks in advance. Avoid last minute spontaneity.
  • Be sure to drive traffic to your website as a means of support or to educate your target audience about your marketing event.
  • Make a point to trickle out specific details daily. Push content through social media to stay front of mind.
  • Keep the design of your marketing event consistent so your audience recognizes the promotion or event in print or online.
  • Be prepared for a spike in interest or traffic as your marketing initiative is happening in real time.

Now that we have covered the basics, we invite you to enjoy our 2017 Marketing Calendar. If you would like to get your hands on our 2017 Marketing Calendar, we are giving it away for FREE!

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